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Administration - Facilities Management - McCormick Human Services Center Building Files

Identifier: 04-10-012
Box and Folder Listing Box 1:

Planning Files, 1969-1980

Education Specification Report (2 copies), 1981

Construction Files, 1981-1984

Governor's Proclamation for Groundbreaking Ceremony, March 31, 1983

College of Liberal Arts - English - Janet Stamm Papers

Identifier: 09-06-022
Abstract The collection on Janet Stamm contains documents spanning her professional years and her personal life. The first box of material is covers her years at Mount Holyoke college, Cedar Crest College and the University of Pennsylvania. The third box contains documents and letters in regards to her personal life.

College of Science and Technology - Chemistry - Roy Pointer Papers

Identifier: 08-03-020
Box and Folder Listing Box 1: Academic Affairs Committee, 1974-1975 Academic Affairs Committee/Curriculum Committee, 1975-1976 Ad Hoc Committee Promotion Policies and Procedures, 1975-1981 Assessment Planning Committee, 1972 Campus Religious Affairs, 1976 Coordinating Committee on Academic Affairs, 1979-1980 Department of Arts and Sciences, 1980-2000 General...

Graduate Studies and Research - Institute for Interactive Technologies - Subject File

Identifier: 07-02-006
Box and Folder Listing Box 1: Company Proposals, 1997-1998 Expanded IIT Proposal, 1990-1991 I.I.T. Correspondence (3 folders), 1988-1994 I.S.D. Correspondence (2 folders), 1986-1988 Proposal for Technology classroom (MHSC 1229), 1991 Reports and Workshops Report on Feasibility study on advanced technology program development, 1983 Authorware Professional: An overview and discussion,...

Presidents - Charles Carlson - Subject File

Identifier: 02-13-006
Box and Folder Listing Box 1: Art Sculpture near Bakeless, 1972 Bloomsburg Hospital, 1973 Board of Trustees, 1972 Certification, 1972 Comment by BSC to Middle States Association, 1972 Faculty List, Summer 1973 Flood - Agnes, 1972 Holiday Greeting Cards, 1972 Legislation, 1972-73 Memorandums to Faculty, 1972-73 Middle States Association - Special Evaluation, 1972...

Presidents - Curtis English - Subject File

Identifier: 02-17-006
Box and Folder Listing Box 1: Bloomsburg Area Chamber of Commerce, 1994 Bloomsburg, Town of, 1993-94 Carver Editorial Board, 1993-94 Certification - Teachers, 1993 Cheyney University, 1994 China - Shenyng Teachers College, 1993 Commencement, 1994 Director of Social Equity Search, 1993-94 Enrollment, 1993-94 Faculty/Staff/Management Dependent Tuition Waivers, 1994 Fraternities ...

Presidents - Equity and Accommodations - Budget File

Identifier: 02-50-005
Box and Folder Listing Box 1:

Fiscal Year: July 1992- June 1993

Fiscal Year: July 1996- June 1997

Fiscal Year: July 1997- June 1998

Fiscal Year: July 1999- June 2000

Fiscal Year: July 2000- June 2001

Fiscal Year: July 2001- June 2002

Presidents - Equity and Accommodations - Social Equity Planning and Reports File

Identifier: 02-50-010
Box and Folder Listing Box 1:Affirmative Action Commission Plan, 1974Affirmative Action Commission Plan, 1975Educational Amendments of 1972 Prohibiting Sex Discrimination in Education, 1975Affirmative Action Plan, 1976Human Resources Planning Committee Action Plan Meeting, 1976Human Resources Planning Committee Revised Action Plan, June 8, 1977Minority Retention Plan, May 8, 1978Human Resources Action Plan Evaluation, June...

Presidents - Equity and Accommodations - Study Abroad Program

Identifier: 02-50-015
Box and Folder Listing Box 1: Resumes, 2000-04 Includes a Pilot Study Abroad request for funding, 2002-03, and course syllabi Student Info, 2002 Includes a list of all students attending the study abroad trip along with their numbers, home addresses, and email addresses, a copy of their grades Proposal, 2002-03 Includes a list of all students attending the study abroad trip along with their numbers, home addresses, and email addresses, a copy of...

Presidents - Harry Ausprich - Sesquicentennial File

Identifier: 02-16-010
Box and Folder Listing Box 1: Sesquicentennial Expenses (2 folders) 1. Frame kits Costume rentals Horse and carriage rentals Custom lettering Food requests Travel Trust fund transfers Banners Cake contest Environmental symposium 2. Budget Cost code transfers Purchase requests Video competition Holiday ornaments Juried works Kickoff weekend Assorted memorabilia Mirror and desk Sculpture garden University...

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