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Presidents - Harry Ausprich - Sesquicentennial Symposium File

Identifier: 02-16-011
Box and Folder Listing Box 1: Budget Sent check and Registration form Hotel information Orders and invoices Buffet dinner planning and reservations Class signups Registration form sent to... October 17, 1989 sessions October 18, 1989 sessionsOctober 17th and 18th information Symposium video PHC Grant Proposal (2 folders) Correspondence (14 folders) Eric...

Presidents - Harry Ausprich - Subject File

Identifier: 02-16-006
Box and Folder Listing Box 1: Academic Affairs, Committee on, 1986-89 Affirmative Action Committee, 1988-93 AFSCME Negotiations, 1993 Air Force ROTC, 1986-91 Announcements, 1987-92 Army ROTC, 1988-91 Attorney General Opinions, 1991-92 Awards Convocation, 1985-91 Bloomsburg Area Chamber of Commerce, 1992-93 Budget, 1987-89, 1993 Certification-Teachers, 1989 Commission on the...

Presidents - Harry Ausprich - Tunghai University Collection

Identifier: 02-16-012
Box and Folder Listing Box 1: Summary of Contents of Collection Materials given to Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania (BUP) through Pres. Harry Ausprich by Tunghai University in November 1987 as part of welcoming BUP into a co-operative education agreement between it and nine Republic of China universities.Photo of Pres. Ausprich receiving gift from Taiwanese university official Schedule for Pres. Ausprich on visit to Tunghai University Tunghai University catalog, 1984-86...

Presidents - James McCormick - Subject File

Identifier: 02-14-006
Box and Folder Listing Box 1: The 15th Decade Report, 1980 Academic Departments - Art, Biology, Business, Chemistry, Education, Foreign Languages, History, Music, Nursing, 1974-81 Act 188 - Formation of the State System of Higher Education, 1983 Administration and Administrators, 1977-80 Affirmative Action Committee, 1983 Air Force ROTC, 1976-78 Alumni, 1976-83 Annual Performance Appraisal of Dr. McCormick, 1983 Athletic...

Presidents - Jessica Kozloff - Congratulatory Certificates

Identifier: 02-18-002
Box and Folder Listing Box 1:

In honor of her appointment as President of Bloomsburg University, Jessica Kozloff received congratulatory certificates from many colleges and universities. These schools range alphabetically from the University of Akron to Wright State University.

Presidents - Jessica Kozloff - Presidential Search Committee File

Identifier: 02-18-001
Box and Foldering Listening Box 1: Academic Search Consultation Service correspondence, June 1993-January 1994 Advertisement, August 1993-October 1993 Affirmative Action, May 1992-November 1993 Agenda, June 1993-February 1994 Budget, April 1993-June 1994 Burns, Robert L., July 1990-March 1994 Candidate Control Sheets and Ranking Sheets, April 1993-October 1993 Candidate List, December 1993 Conn, Philip W., October...

Presidents - Jessica Kozloff - Reports and Plans

Identifier: 02-18-005
Box and Folder Listing Box 1: American Democracy Project, 2003 Chancellor's Annual Institutional Meeting, 1996, 1998, 1999 Enhancing Excellence: The University Plan, 1995, 1995-2000 Executive Consultation, 1994 Five-Year Plan, 1996-2001 Operating Plans, 1994-95, 1995-96 Overview of University Policies, 1996 Performance Outcomes Plan, 2000, 2001, 2001-2002, 2001-2004 President's Statement on the Condition of the...

Presidents - Jessica Kozloff - Subject File

Identifier: 02-18-006
Box and Folder Listing Box 1: Academic Affairs Committee on Academic Affairs, 1996 Pennsylvania Department of Education-Review of College of Professional Studies, 1995 Academic Awards (2 folders), 1997-2002 Alumni Board, 1998-2002 Alumni Satisfaction Survey, 1998 American Association of State Colleges and Universities (AASCU), 1997 Annual Institutional Meeting, 1999 Arts and Sciences, College of,...

Presidents - Larry Jones - Subject File

Identifier: 02-15-006
Box and Folder Listing Box 1: Academic Convocation, 1983 Air Force ROTC, 1983-84 Awards Luncheon, 1983-84 Board of Governors Scholarship, 1984 College of Business AACSB Accreditation, 1983-84 Commencement - U.S. Senator John Heinz, Speaker, 1984 Correspondence, 1985 Council of Trustees - Committee on Academic Affairs, 1983-85 An Evaluation of the Perceptions, Organization, and Functioning of Communications,...

Presidents - Planning Commission - Action Plans and Reports

Identifier: 02-42-010
Box and Folder Listing Box 1: Instructional Technology Master Plan, 1974-1979 Instructional Technology Master Plan, 1976-1980 Bloomsburg State College Two-year Action Plan (4 folders), 1974-1976 An Abstract of the Bloomsburg State College Two-year Action Plan, 1974-1976 Three-year Action Plan, 1975-1978 Three-year Action Plan, 1976-1980 Draft 2 - Three-year Action Plan, 1976-1980 Five-year Action Plan, 1978-1983...

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